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On Sunday, 16 March 2014, we tasted the three barrels of Shiraz which were caringly made under the supervision of garagiste winemaker, William Everson and which will make up Scholtz Landing 2012, when bottled in August this year.

Using a ‘wine thief’ the wine was drawn from all three barrels, two of which contained shiraz grapes from Belfield, with the third one containing Rowie shiraz grapes, all of the 2012 vintage.

The wines from all three barrels have a refined complexity with a good, rich colour. The Belfield barrels on taste show traditional Elgin Terroir; which brings a lighter style and freshness, because of the cooler climate. Barrel no 1 showed more flavour and fruit while barrel no 2 is a tighter more tannic wine. The Rowie Shiraz is high in alcohol and shows bold structure.

The blend of these three different and unique barrels of wines promises to make a complex and compiling wine.


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