Wine, sport and restaurants, my three muses.

It all started with loads of encouragement from my family, a father, who had an amazing pallet, and huge interest in red wine and a mother with a flare for international travel, who gave me the opportunity to explore and enjoy foreign wines.

I run two active wine clubs and have had the privilege to meet some really awe inspiring winemakers, who have generously imparted with their wine making knowledge.

I travel to France yearly and make it my business to visit new wine farms and take every opportunity to experiment with new varietals.

In 2009 I paired up with William Everson to make my first Shiraz.  Join me on my journey of winemaking experience ….

I have a down to earth approach to wine and what you might enjoy drinking.  And I have a quirky nack of pairing wines with some interesting food dishes.

I love beautiful things and my blog will cover everything from wine making, restaurants, fashion and decor shops, to markets, both locally and internationally.

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